Museum of Folk & Tribal Arts

"Preservation and Dissemination of Folk, Tribal and Neglected Art "

The Museum of Folk and Tribal Art, an undiscovered jewel tucked away in the urban estate in Gurgaon houses one of the most distinctive collections of Indian folk, tribal and neglected art. The museum is a labour of love started by Mr. K.C. Aryan noted art historian, painter, sculptor and writer of 23 scholarly books. This priceless legacy is lovingly tended by his offsprings. The museum deserves serious recognition and appreciation in it's tireless effort to preserve and showcase some of India's most priceless folk and tribal artefacts.

About K.C. ARYAN

A great visionary whose single-minded and lifetime devotion and personal labour bestowed on indian folk and tribal art the glory it deserved. His perceptive mind and encyclopaedic vision ensured for indian folk and tribal art a place at par with courtly arts

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