About K.C. ARYAN

Museum of Folk and Tribal Art, better known as K.C. Aryan's Home of Folk Art was founded in 1984 in Gurgaon by the late Mr K.C. Aryan, a renowned modern painter, sculptor, art historian and a pioneer-collector of folk and tribal art objects; he was also its Chairman. He was the first Indian to place these priceless art objects on the world cultural map and dedicated all his life to accord them the status enjoyed by art objects created by court artists under royal patronage. His main aim was to preserve these objects for posterity since they were vanishing fast. A great visionary, he foresaw long ago the fate of these artefacts. They were doomed. He decided to rescue them from oblivion by collecting them and writing on them,23 scholarly books.

He invested all his savings on these art objects over seven decades. His one-man collection is vast and unique, in the sense that numerous artefacts already have become extinct. The Museum is managed by a registered Trust chaired by his art-historian daughter Dr. Subhashini Aryan, curated by his son Mr B.N. Aryan, Life trustees Mr Gautam Dev Aryan (son), Mrs Anuradha (daughter) and members of the Governing body.